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The muscle treatment “Retterspitz Muskelcreme” is perfect for supporting physiotherapy and treating muscle, tendon and joint complaints – free from diclofenac and animal-derived ingredients.

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About the product

Mobilises muscles and joints

Sudden pain: just one false step and you’ve sprained your ankle. Minor, blunt injuries can easily happen. Retterspitz Muskelcreme provides targeted relief. A gentle yet intensive massage with this cream eases the muscles and tissue. The pain subsides. The ingredients smell pleasantly aromatic.

  • for treating muscle, tendon and joint complaints
  • aids the healing process
  • massage a line of cream (5–10cm) into the affected area until it has been fully absorbed into the skin three to six times a day, then wash your hands thoroughly
  • free from animal-derived ingredients

Tip: Apply a wrap treatment using the liquid for external use "Retterspitz Äußerlich" before rubbing in the cream.

Retterspitz Muskelcreme is available without prescription from your pharmacy or directly from the Retterspitz flagship store.

How to use

Unless otherwise prescribed, take 2-4 drops of Retterspitz Erkältungstropfen on some sugar or in a glass of warm water 3 times a day. For inhalation, add 3-4 drops of Retterspitz Erkältungstropfen to hot water. For external use against colds in the respiratory tract, rub a few drops of Retterspitz Erkältungstropfen onto the skin of your chest and back. For use in rheumatic complaints, rub a few drops on the affected skin areas.

All recommendations for use and contraindications can be found in the information leaflet.

For risks and side effects, read the package leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

If you find it difficult or impossible to read the package insert, please use the reading function at There you can also view the document in a larger format or print it out.

Download instruction for use


Purified water, cetylstearyl alcohol, arnica tincture, me dium-chain triglycerides, noble fir cone oil, macrogol cetylstearyl ether, stearyl heptanoate/caprylate, levomenthol, rosemary oil, nutmeg oil, isopropyl palmitate, bis-diglyceryl caprylate/caprate/isostearate/hydroxystearate/adipate, shea butter, macrogol glycerol hydroxystearate, phenoxyethanol, sorbic acid, citric acid monohydrate, sodium hydroxide, thymol, silicone oil


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