Is Retterspitz a plant?

No, the company was named after Margarete Retterspitz (born 17 March 1851, died 19 April 1905) whose name lives on as part of the company and its products. Before her death, she ran a Retterspitz sanatorium in the Swiss canton of Appenzell. She was buried in the graveyard of St. Margarethen.

A doctor, whose name has not been recorded, provided her with the formula and method for making a healing liquid. Margarete Retterspitz lived in Würzburg for the first few years of her second marriage, and then moved to the Bavarian city of Fürth just before the turn of the century. She produced and sold the traditional remedy in both cities. She named her product “Universal-Heilwickel-Bäder von Margarete Retterspitz” (Margarete Retterspitz’s universal healing wraps and medicinal baths). In 1901, the name was registered as a trade mark.

How did Retterspitz become a company?

In 1902, Nuremberg-based pharmacist Hans Scheck purchased the formula for the production of Margarete Retterspitz’s healing remedy because it was no longer available in Germany. He manufactured it in his own small laboratory, founded the company Hans Scheck – now Retterspitz – in Nuremberg and organised the production and sale of the traditional remedy, which he named “Retterspitzwasser für äußerliche Heilanwendungen” (Retterspitz water for external healing treatments).

Does Retterspitz take a naturopathic approach?

Yes. Naturopathic treatment means considering biological principles and providing treatment in harmony with the body’s reactions in a way that does not do any harm. The use of Retterspitz healing and care products abides by these principles.

Can the physical effects of Retterspitz medical products be explained?

Yes, they are easy to understand and scientifically substantiated. The physical and chemical effects of Retterspitz products are reproducible.

What illnesses and complaints do Retterspitz remedies help with?

Under Applicationsyou will find a list of illnesses and complaints for which Retterspitz remedies provide relief and help and support the healing process.

How long can I take the liquid for oral use "Retterspitz Innerlich"?

 Retterspitz Innerlich is very well tolerated and can be taken safely long-term.

Can I use wraps with the liquid for external use "Retterspitz Äußerlich" if I have high or low blood pressure?

Yes. Retterspitz Äußerlich wraps do not affect the blood pressure.

I’ve been diagnosed with adult-onset diabetes and I need to regularly inject myself with insulin. I would like to take the liquid for oral use “Retterspitz Innerlich” for other reasons. Will Retterspitz Innerlich affect insulin production?

No. Retterspitz Innerlich can be taken with insulin-dependent type 2 diabetes. The product will not affect the metabolism of sugar.

Can the liquid for external use “Retterspitz Äußerlich” be used in addition to other prescribed medications?

Yes. The use of Retterspitz Äußerlich does not impact the use of other prescribed medications.
Using powders or greasy ointments before applying a wrap like
 "Retterspitz Wickel" is not recommended, because these form a layer of insulation that impedes the development of the Retterspitz evaporative atmosphere.
Applying a Retterspitz Wickel immediately after removing a plaster, or the other way around, is not recommended

There are illnesses, e.g. diabetes, high or low blood pressure, benign or malignant tumors, for which a doctor prescribes medicines that need to be taken. Can Retterspitz treatments be used in addition?

Yes. In most cases, the treatments do not interfere with doctor's orders. Please observe the instructions for use.

Do Retterspitz remedies require a prescription?

No. All Retterspitz remedies are available without prescription from your pharmacy.

Where is the best place to store Retterspitz remedies?

If the original packaging is unopened, store it in a dry, dark place no warmer than 25°C. Once opened, store the liquid for oral use "Retterspitz Innerlich", the liquid for external use "Retterspitz Äußerlich" and the roll-on muscle treatement "Retterspitz Muskelroller" in a place no warmer than 25°C. The best place to store Retterspitz Innerlich and Retterspitz Äußerlich is in the fridge, kept cool and out of direct light.

Where can I find instructions for using the liquid for external use "Retterspitz Äußerlich" and the liquid for oral use "Retterspitz Innerlich"

The instructions for use and other information about Retterspitz Innerlich and Retterspitz Äußerlich can be found in the booklet label attached to the bottle, which can be peeled off using a tab at the top left.

Where can I find the expiry date of a Retterspitz remedy?

The minimum shelf-life of remedies and medical products is printed on their packaging as required. Once opened, products should be used in the time indicated by the instructions in the information leaflet. Only the minimum shelf-life is indicated for care products.

What does the batch number tell me?

All products are labelled with a batch number. This number is a characteristic code that is assigned as standard to a certain quantity of a manufactured product by the manufacturer. For bottles they can be found on the label, and for creams they can be found on the tube fold, on the sides of the carton the tube comes in, or on the base of the tub. They are not the same as the expiry date.

Can Retterspitz remedies be used after an operation?

Yes. Wraps using the liquid for external use "Retterspitz Äußerlich" in particular have a cooling effect and reduce swelling. They relieve pain and are thus particularly soothing after an operation or sports-induced injury

Breaks in the skin or open wounds must first be covered with a waterproof dressing. The wrap "Retterspitz Wickel" is then applied over the top of the dressing.

Can Retterspitz remedies be given to children?

Yes, for numerous illnesses. Treatments using the liquid for external use "Retterspitz Äußerlich" are beneficial and soothing for children aged 6 and over. Once a cold wrap is applied, they are soothed by the comforting evaporative atmosphere of the wrap, and in most cases they sleep calmly and peacefully. If the child has a high temperature, it will be returned to normal. If the wrap "Retterspitz Wickel" dries quickly, it should be replaced with a fresh wrap.

The bronchial cream "Retterspitz Bronchial" should not be rubbed onto infants and small children under the age of two. If using Retterspitz Bronchial on a child under five, it should only be rubbed onto their back. This is particularly effective after treatment with a wrap using Retterspitz Äußerlich. 

One tablespoon (15 ml) of the liquid for oral use "Retterspitz Innerlich" can be given to small children aged two and over, three times a day before meals

Soreness often experienced by infants and small children due to urine irritating the genital area, the buttocks and the upper thighs can be treated by applying a thick layer of the zinc ointment "Retterspitz Zinksalbe" with every nappy change.

The itching-relieving gel "Retterspitz Vitamin Gelee" works against itching. To prevent scratching, apply a thin layer of Retterspitz Vitamin Gelee several times a day to the affected area and allow it to air-dry uncovered

The use of Retterspitz care products – such as Retterspitz Vitamin Gelee – is suitable for children aged 3 and over.

Are Retterspitz products, in particular using the liquid for external use "Retterspitz Äußerlich", suitable for use on animals? 

No. All Retterspitz products are intended exclusively for use on humans and not for use on animals.

What can I do if I’m struggling to open the bottle?

If the liquid for oral use "Retterspitz Innerlich" or the liquid for external use "Retterspitz Äußerlich" become difficult to open, please try the following: Submerge the bottle cap-down in warm water (approx. 50°C) for several minutes. It should then open easily.

What does Retterspitz offer health care professionals?

We offer to enter members of the medical profession into a database of specialists. This brings with it the advantage of regular, free samples and support for consultations. Retterspitz specialist lectures for medical professionals can be requested at any time. Find out more.

Does Retterspitz have a factory outlet?

The company Retterspitz GmbH & Co KG in Schwaig (Behringersdorf) does not have a factory outlet, please visit us in our flagship store in Augustinerhof (Augustinerhof 3, 90403 Nuremberg), where our products are available. All Retterspitz products are also available in your pharmacy and mail-order pharmacy.

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