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With its tried-and-tested buffer effect, the liquid for oral use "Retterspitz Innerlich" has been quickly and reliably alleviating stomach problems related to hypochlorhydria and hyperchlorhydria for 100 years.

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About the product

A talented allrounder for a healthy stomach

Reliable, natural and well tolerated since 1920: when it comes to health, these three keywords top the wish lists of those people who prefer to treat their complaints themselves. It’s even better if one remedy can help with a number of complaints, as this Retterspitz classic can. Retterspitz Innerlich is a popular stomach remedy that is easy to take and alleviates problems in acute cases, such as after a hearty meal, as well as in the longer term if heartburn or stomach ache occur frequently.

The stomach often acts as an alarm system for our lifestyle: lack of sleep, nicotine and alcohol, stress at work or fatty foods can all trigger stomach ache and heartburn. But unfortunately the causes are not always as easy to identify as we would like. Metabolic disorders and medications can also cause stomach complaints. Whatever the cause: Retterspitz Innerlich balances the stomach acidity and thus alleviates the problem. This medical stomach remedy is especially well tolerated because it contains no sugar, no gluten and no lactose.

Doubly good for the stomach

One remedy, two advantages: Retterspitz Innerlich regulates and protects at the same time. Its regulating function comes into play when used for complaints caused by hypochlorhydria or hyperchlorhydria. The ingredients buffer the stomach acid to return it to its natural balance. At the same time, Retterspitz Innerlich coats the stomach lining with a protective film of pre-treated egg. For hundreds of years, users have attested to the superb effectiveness and safety of this remedy.

  • easy to use

  • quickly alleviate stomach complaints
  • reliable, natural, well tolerated

Retterspitz Innerlich is available without prescription from your pharmacy or directly from the Retterspitz flagship store.

How to use

The sediment which has settled in the bottle is shaken vigorously before each use. Unless prescribed otherwise, adults take one full liqueur glass (20 ml) of Retterspitz Innerlich fifteen minutes before meals, three to five times daily. Children aged two years and over take one full tablespoon (15 ml) three to five times daily. Retterspitz Innerlich is taken undiluted. Any liquid poured out should not be poured back into the original bottle.

In cases of chronic gastrointestinal problems in elderly persons, Retterspitz Innerlich may be taken on a long-term basis, for several years. If you forget to take Retterspitz Innerlich, take the regular dose at the next opportunity.

If a dose more the recommended amount of Retterspitz Innerlich is accidentally or intentionally taken, there is no risk. If a child accidentally drinks Retterspitz Innerlich contrary to instructions, there is no risk, even if a type of gag reflex were to be induced by the acidic taste.

All recommendations for use and contraindications can be found in the information leaflet.

If you find it difficult or impossible to read the package insert, please use the reading function at There you can also view the document in a larger format or print it out.

For risks and side effects, read the package leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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Purified water, thyme oil, orange oil, lemon oil, tartaric acid, citric acid monohydrate, alum, denatured, hardened, sterile chicken egg, medical soap, ethanol


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