• Joint complaints

    Rheumatic joint complaints and complaints related to injuries can be treated with the traditional Retterspitz evaporative atmosphere. Wrap treatments using liquid for external use "Retterspitz Äußerlich": The knee bandage "Retterspitz Kniebandage" for the knees, body wraps “Retterspitz Leibwickel M and L” for the hips and shoulder wrap “Retterspitz Schulterwickel” for the shoulders. A gentle massage with the muscle treatment “Retterspitz Muskelcreme” (using a line of cream approx. 5–10 cm long) helps mobilise the joint.

    Joint complaints

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    Retterspitz Äußerlich
    Retterspitz Äußerlich
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  • Joints, inflammation

    Wrap treatments using the liquid for external use "Retterspitz Äußerlich" draw heat away from the affected area, alleviate pain and help reduce swelling in the tissue. The wrap for neck and smaller joints "Retterspitz Wickel für Hals und kleinere Gelenke" and small leg wraps "Retterspitz Nasse Strümpfe" are the right size for this. After removing the wrap from the joint, rub in the muscle treatment "Retterspitz Muskelcreme" to further promote the healing process.

    Joints, inflammation

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