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    The seriously debilitating symptoms of this illness can be improved by a combination of various Retterspitz remedies. In the early stages, adding the bath essence concentrate "Retterspitz Badekonzentrat" to a warm bath (37°C, bathe for 20 minutes) helps relieve symptoms. Essential oils have a positive effect on the breathing. You should then go to bed for a subsequent period of sweating. This promotes the recovery process. Fever can be reduced through body-wrap and calf-wrap treatments using the liquid for external use "Retterspitz Äußerlich". Coughing and mild bronchitis can be cured by rubbing the bronchial cream "Retterspitz Bronchial" on the chest, back and sides.

    Mandatory information for Retterspitz Bronchial
    Active substances: Racemic camphor, levomenthol and thymol
    Therapeutic indications: External use for colds in the respiratory tract (such as cold, hoarseness and uncomplicated bronchial catarrh).
    Warnings and precautions: Contains cineol, cetostearyl alcohol, as well as fragrances with limonene, citronellol and linalool. Contains 45 mg alcohol (ethanol) in 1 g cream. In children under 5 years, only rub on the back. Do not apply to the eyes. See package leaflet.

    For information about risks and side effects, read the package leaflet and ask your doctor or in your pharmacy.


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    Retterspitz Äußerlich
    Retterspitz Äußerlich
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    Retterspitz Bronchial
    Retterspitz Bronchial
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